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We help you keep your kitchen clear of grease, smoke, heat, odour, and the most important is the burnt and un-burnt gas, from cooking, especially that of our Malaysian spicy, heavy and oily types. Keeping your kitchen clear of the above problems is our business.

It is not very often one comes across a reliable product and good service, even though one has paid an arm and a leg. Let alone a cheap product.

Before investing in a cooker hood, wouldn’t you like to know what you get for your money? Like what kind of suction power/exhaust capacity? Is it 585 CFM (993 M3/Hr) or hardly any suctions power at all or a cooker hood that leaves your kitchen greasy and smoky.

We can show you from inside out the quality and features built in our cooker hoods. One step further, we invite you to test the cooker hood with real greasy smoke!! Cherry┬« cooker hood has many unique features. It is made in Taiwan ROC, and fully imported. But it is an international product because many components are imported from all over the world-: switches from Europe, motor over-heat cut-off sensors from Japan, just to mention a few. Capital tools and machineries for manufacturing are imported from Germany, England, USA or Japan. Quality controls before shipment are of international standard. ISO 9002 certification is the best judge for our product’s quality. All our cooker hoods, for residential use, come with a 2-year warranty for motors and 2-year warranty for other parts. We are the leader in providing 4 oil cups instead of 2. Many other makers follow now. Another important feature is that all our cooker hoods have the base plates recessed. The latest feature is the DIY concept. Users can remove the base plate and fans to do periodical cleanings to maintain the exhaust efficiency. It is designed and made in such a way that no tool is required and it is safe for doing the above task. We have in-house technicians for after sales service, whenever a fee is chargeable, it is very reasonable.

All installations are done by professional installers with proper and specific tools for this work. We have obsolete the old way of drilling multiple small holes and hacking, which is very dusty and messy, for making hole in brick wall for the 6-inch exhaust duct. Instead, we core the opening. Our coring machine is the latest wet type and therefore there is absolutely free of dust in our installation work. Other features for this type of coring are, it is very quiet and the opening is a perfect beautify round out-let which does not require any masonry patch up work which can be messy too.

We sincerely hope that the above information will help you out towards a smart and wise choice. And, Not any heavy commercial advertisement!!! In fact, most of the time advertisement is more expensive then the product itself. It is for this reason that we do not spend heavily, practically “ZERO”, in commercial advertisement. All our happy customers are best judges for our products and services. Cherry┬« is, and has been, our Trade Mark in Malaysia for cooker hood since 1995.

With today’s conditions of life, we are of opinion that a good, durable, effective and efficient cooker hood is an essential and a very important home appliance for every home towards a healthier family life-style.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Model y3910 / 3920 95% Efficiency Your Perfect Choice For A Beautiful & Refreshing Clean Kitchen

  • 95% efficiency
  • Removes Grease, smell & Heat
  • Master Craftmanship with Steak Quality Finish
  • Elegant Italian design, seamless Mono-casing
  • High grade matt-finish stainless steel
  • Powered by Superior Twin-Turbo Motor
  • Efficient + Clean oil capture system
  • Constructed of fire proof material meeting International Standards
  • Easy maintenance