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What is Insulation? Insulation simply means thermal control. That is heat exchange control or heat gain and heat lost control.

There are only two methods to control heat to a comfortable level in-door, namely air-condition and insulation. Mechanical air-conditioning can control thermal condition to specific requirement. However the cost is high, because of the device, current energy consumption and maintenance. Insulation can keep room temperature to a fairly comfortable level without running cost upon installation. The most ideal way is for insulation to complement air-conditioning. This way it will prolong the life span of the air-conditioner, reduce power consumption, and lower maintenance cost, thereby increase thermal efficiency. Insulation is thermal and acoustical.

There are many types of insulations. Common examples are, glass fibre wool, brown wool, rock wool, ceramic wool, cellulose pulp fibre etc. Cellulose insulation is by far the best insulation in value, effectiveness and safety.

Cellulose insulation acts as an effective protective shield to reduce heat and sound transfer. It is made from pulp fibre and recycled newspaper, biodegradable protective additives consists of loosely woven small gray or white wood fibre texture smooth to the touch. Usually manually render, blown or spray applied over ceiling, in attics floors, and walls to seal tight. It is vermin and fire retardant. This means it does not spread fire, is a bad conductor of heat and sound waves. Cellulose protects against heat gain and heat lost (by convection, conduction and radiation) and cuts down noise. It reduces current energy consumption and improves interior thermal comfort for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Therefore Cellulose Insulation is very efficient and environment friendly.

The world over is still depends heavily on fossil fuel to generate electric current supply. The by products of this process are carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, just to mention a few. Reduce current energy consumption equals to reduce usage of fossil fuel burning to generate electric current. You can help our Earth a safer place to life now and also for our future generations.

Vermin retardant means it distracts insects and also keeps rats, lizards and many small animals – eg. Cats & Rats – from making their homes in the attics.

According to Multi-Materials Stewardship Board, recycling one ton of newspaper saves: 19 trees, 3 cubic metres of landfill, 4000 kilowatt hours of energy, 29000 litres of water and 30 Kg of air pollution effluent.

The above information clearly shows that insulation, especially cellulose insulation, can save us from cutting more threes then required, and burning more fossil fuel then required. All these can result to a greener, safer and healthier Mother Earth for every one of us now and our future generations. Now, will you contribute towards saving every body, including your family and yourself? It is very easy. Just insulate your home, shop, factory or any structure that has a roof. It is that simple. Can you or will you?

Your immediate return from insulation is lower electricity bill (from air-conditioning).