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Gutter, together with Rain Water Goods, is part of and as old as the building industry itself. It is commonly installed at the lowest edge of our roofs’ eave line. Its function is to collect water from roof and channel the water to discharge pipes that will transfer the water to the desired and safe locations. This can prevent water from splashing onto the ground surface directly. This water, if not properly control, can be dangerous, especially for structures built on hill slopes, because it can erode the underground, causing the structures on it to collapse.

gking_g02Almost all gutters are made from bending galvanized iron/steel of 8 feet per joint. And it is always “U” or Box-shaped with externals brackets. Most of these gutters are painted with owners’ choice colour which usually peeled off within 2~3 years’ time. This conventional eave gutters are an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful homes.

GUTTER KING is an on-site roll-formed seamless gutter system. This system has been in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand since the 1930s. Millions of homes there have fitted with these beautiful gutters. Actually it further enhances your already beautiful homes. Therefore, your property can appreciate more in value and yield more satisfaction. GUTTER KINGĀ® is the registered Trade Mark of HOME N YOU SDN BHD and has been in Malaysia since 1991. Many Malaysian homes have fitted with our seamless gutter system.

Our materials are imported, in coil form and factory oven baked colour coated on aluminium alloy (3105 series) or galvanized iron/steel. We also have it in copper and stainless steel. Factory oven baked colour coating will never peel till the end of the life span of the base metal used. Copper and stainless steel are not coated in colour. Uncoated, copper will tarnish to give a green artistic and decorative appearance.

gking_g03On-site roll-formed from coiled materials, GUTTER KING gutter has no joint between corners, any length, anywhere, no joint no leak. Many types of brackets are in use, aluminium alloy, Gal. Steel, and Mild Steel hidden hangers or proprietary concealled mild steel brackets. We are the original designer for this proprietary concealled brackets way back in 1991. Now, many others in the gutter industry follow with minor variations of our original design.

GUTTER KING OG 455 PPA (Cornice-shape) gutter comes with 15 (fifteen)-year warranty for material against rust and peeling paint work, and 3 (three)-year for leakage due to installation, while profile GUTTER KING OG 455 and BX 466 (CBS, SS and Copper) comes with 5 (five)-year warranty for material and one year for leakage. All non GUTTER KING gutters & RWGs, in particular, of Gal. Iron, come with one year warranty for leakage due to installation.

GUTTER KING gutter blends with most roof eave and it is very aesthetical, durable and lasting. Therefore it is cheaper (over time). It is always the best and first choice of gutter by most architects for prestigious projects, especially for semi-D and bungalows. You can be assured of our quality and workmanship. Samples and Job references are available upon request.

Besides, we also make any gutters, valley gutters, flashings, cappings, down-pipes and Rain Water Goods & Air Duct, be it residential, commercial or industrial, to your specifications. Welcome any enquiry and suggestion. We look forward to serving you all our best at all times.

The diagram below illustrates the basic composition of GUTTER KING gutters and the reason for their superior quality.

  • We also can fabricate any gutter to your specifications.
  • We have a special version especially designed for developers.