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Solar Water Heater is water heater uses solar energy-that is sun’s energy-to heat water. This natural energy is absolutely free and the supply is unlimited in the day whenever there is sunlight. The usage of this energy does not produce any pollutant and therefore is most Environment Friendly. We, in Malaysia, are so lucky, because sunlight is always available anywhere for us to tap Free of Charge.

There are two types of solar water heating systems, Direct and Indirect types. Both have two common criteria. It works on the thesis of Thermo-syphon and has no moving parts. Therefore, mechanically, all solar water heaters are very durable, reliable and economical. Most important, it is very safe, because it does not use gas or electricity which means it is safe from any electric mishap or gas leakage which may lead to fire or explosion.

In indirect heating type, water does not circulate. An anti-freeze agent is used in the copper tubing system. When heated up, this agent will in turn heat the water in the storage tank. Glycol, the common and usual anti-freeze agent, will diminish gradually and thus needs and costs to be replenished regularly. This system works something like the element that boils the water in our kettle. This system is more expensive but is very good and suitable for places that have winters or where nights are freezing cold.

Direct heating solar water heater has two versions, vacuum and pressurised types. Cherry solar water heater belongs to the pressurised direct heating type. Most of Malaysian solar water heater belongs to this later category. This is the best solar water Heater system because of its simplicity, durability, reliability, versatility and cost. On the contrary, vacuum direct heating type is complex and less versatile, therefore, it costs more to build, install and operate.

Cherry solar water heaters are built to last. Storage tank, available in 35 or 62 gallon size, is made of 1.5 mm thick #304 stainless steel from Japan. The storage tank is insulated with 4 inch thick high density polyurethane (for maximum heat retention) with stucco aluminium as external cover. Each heating panel consists of 10 tubes of ½ inch diameter copper tubing insulated with glass fibre encased in aluminium with heat absorbing black colour material coating and low-iron glass panel cover. Standard unit comes with pressure relief valve and booster port while the electric booster element is optional. Cherry Solar Water Heater does not require any sacrificial anode for protection against corrosion. (The use of anode needs regular replacement, which means additional running cost)

Cherry solar water heater has a 10 (ten) year warranty for defects in materials and manufacturing for the Storage Tank. Pressure relief valve and any optional part/s come with one year warranty. Buyer/s has/have to dismantle and properly packed the item in question and deliver it to us, all at his/their expense, for the above stipulated warranty work or repair within the stipulated warranty period. Upon completion of the warranty work or repair, the buyer/s will have to collect and arrange for re-installation, also all at his/their own expense. Whose solar water heater’s warranty is more clearly spell out then ours? We, at Cherry, have NO hidden catch.

Cherry® is, and has been, our Trade Mark in Malaysia for solar water heater since 1995

Safe, Durable, Reliable, Economical and Affordable, Cherry Solar Water Heater is always everybody’s right choice for the entire family’s safety, pleasure, comfort and enjoyment

Ideally, the axis of the Cherry Solar should be placed alongside the North-South axis. If the orientation of the house is not ideal, use a hand-held compass to locate the best position so that the panel can receive the morning sun. The amount of sunlight needed to warm the water depends on the pitch of the house. It is preferable that the Cherry Solar receives the sunlight from 8 in the morning till 2 or 3 in the afternoon. The peak hours occur between 12 noon to about 2 pm.

Specially designed and manufactured by using high grade materials to meet the requirements of users in the tropical region.

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Unlike most other systems, Cherry Solar uses a frill-free system of a flat-plate collector as its main heating element. This utilises less peripheral parts and therefore is cheaper to produce and maintain. The flat-plate collector is designed and built specifically by Malaysian for Malaysian climate so you are not paying for unnecessary ‘extras’ that battle such conditions as overcast days and icy winters.