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What is ventilation? Ventilation is the in-take of fresh air and the exhaust of foul air in a specific space or enclosure. It is usually measure by the number of times air change takes place per hour, like 15 air changes per hour. This means that the particular space has 15 volumes of fresh air in-take and 15 volumes of foul air exhausted. Ventilation, in general, means air movement or circulation that brings in fresh air to an enclosure and removes foul air from it.

Basically, ventilation can be classified into two main categories, natural or artificial. Natural ventilation is the movement of air created by flow of natural wind or difference in temperature due to heat (hot air rises). Cross ventilation is by far the best and most ideal ventilation system for any structure. It is the most effective, economical and practical way for supply of fresh air, especially for weather conditions like that of Malaysia. This form of natural ventilation depends entirely on the speed and direction of the wind, which is outside our control.

Artificial ventilation usually refers to movement of air created by the force of electric motor fans. The distinctive advantage of this type of ventilation is that we can control air flow for any specific requirement and application under almost any situations and conditions.

This forced ventilation is usually for commercial and industrial applications. Examples of places are: Commercial Buildings, Factories, Hospitals, Enclosed Public Structures, Tunnels, Basement Car Parks etc. Every requirement is assess on a case to case basis. This assessment is done by air-flow engineer or specialist who must visit each site to sturdy and size up the specifications of: duct and size, fan and size, type and size of motor, and the locations and numbers of the gadgets to be installed.

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