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Our body is made up of about 75% of water. Water is our body’s transport system. It carries food and oxygen to cells and discharges waste and heat from cells. A normal and healthy person needs about 6~8 glasses (approx.4~5 litres) of water daily. Our body lost water through breathing, skin perspiration, sweating and urinating.

In order for water to perform its function efficiently in our body, it has to be clean and pure. Contaminated water not only will be less efficient in its transportation functions, it also can harm our various major organs. Many unknown sicknesses and diseases are caused by contaminated water.

There are many types of water filtration systems that can provide very good, safe and pure drinking water for our healthy life and growth.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) is by far one of the best, practical, economical, functional and affordable water purification systems known today. RO can remove almost any impurities -up to 0.0001ú fine in size- that may present in our municipal water. Therefore RO water is 99.9% pure. A good RO machine can maintain water purity consistently throughout its life span of the RO membrane-the heart of this systems- the duration of which depends on the quality of raw water which varies from places to places.

Certainly, RO water filtration system is every family’s smart and right choice to enhance a healthier and happier life-style.

In its original state, water is pure. As this pure water reaches our Earth’s surfaces, it is being contaminated along its path of flow -with pollutants of organic and inorganic minerals, metals and chemicals. The worst pollutants come from mankind’s civilization through activities of industrialisation and modernisation. These man-made pollutants contain harmful and poisonous minerals, heavy metals and chemicals, eg. lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium etc., pesticides, and also may or can contain viruses and bacteria. Most of our house-hold water supply pipes are of lead based type!! Can you imagine how direct and near are we to one of the most poisonous metal on Earth?

Many people still belief that we need minerals and metals – (which are in inorganic forms) – from our drinking water. It is true that we need these vital and essential ingredients for our healthy growth, but in organic forms – NOT in INORGANIC forms. All these organic minerals and metals can be acquired by eating enough various types of fruits and vegetables. Because all plants and vegetables have a very sophisticated, unique and natural ability to convert minerals and metals from inorganic forms into organic forms by the process known as photosynthesis (the natural process whereby plants and vegetables use nutrients, PURE water, chlorophyll and sunlight to produce their food)

Anyway, if you still insist in this belief, just imagine if you are deficient in iron. Now, will you file iron into fine powder form and drink it with water? Certainly NOT, right ? This powder fine iron is an inorganic metal. Human being can absorb these vital and essential ingredients in organic forms ONLY. Just remember water is H2O, just that nothing else! Anything else is not WATER.

We, therefore, need pure drinking water only. RO water filtration systems is one of the best, practical economical, functional, affordable, smart and right choice for every family towards a healthier and happier life-style.